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First-grade pupil

Is your new cohort 'school ready'?

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Making your new kindergarten cohort feel welcome is important to your school, your teachers, your future students and their parents. 


Our custom designed 'school ready' fridge magnets are the perfect welcome gift for your future students, helping them feel confident and ready, while having fun at the same time!


The first day of school...

'Big school' doesn't just mean new uniforms and routines. For some, it can mean uncertainty, fear and anxiety. To help everyone get the best start possible, we've created 'school ready' magnets that are custom designed to your school. These will help to prepare preschoolers by encouraging them to practice getting ready before school, making sure they have everything they need for the day. School Ready magnets can be taken home to play with over the summer holidays and used in the first days and weeks of school, helping pre-schoolers mentally prepare for their transition to primary school.

How 'school ready' can help


Establish a routine before the first day of school


Help parents with the transition to school


Ensure the essentials are not left behind


Get students involved in getting themselves ready


Visually prepare for and run through the day


Reinforce a positive experience with school

What you get...

A5 magnetic sheet with your school uniform and accessories!

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